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Matthew Khalili team-text2 team-text

Matthew Khalili

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Khalili is a first-generation immigrant who was born in this country because of entrepreneurship. Matthew launched his management career in 2003 by leading a pioneering online technology supplier and solution provider. As Senior Marketing Director, he positioned the company as both an “Internet Retail Top 500” and an “Inc. 500 Fast Growing Direct Sales Organization”.


Following nearly a half decade of double-digit growth, Matthew founded a fashion technology platform with which he managed to raise a funding round that was later awarded “best business” for a proposal he prepared during his M.B.A. program.


Matthew exited his start-up in 2013 and founded his consultancy, Plan Writers. He and the Plan Writers team continue to enhance the success of early stage start-ups and help foreign entrepreneurs immigrate to the states. Mathew is a self-confessed foodie, who loves grilling steaks and spends too much money on eating out.


MBA University of Southern California


FINRA Series 82 security license

John Dogan team-text2-1

John Dogan

Senior Consultant

John is a management consultant for multiple sectors, mainly covering the U.S, U.K, E.U, Canada and Australia. He has advised top level CEO, CFO and Executives on changes to be made in their accounting, marketing, HR and management practices.


He commands a diverse cultural aptitude, having lived or worked in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, India, Ukraine and Turkey. In his career for the last 14 years, Mr. Dogan has demonstrated a proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities. Mr. Dogan has prepared over 500 business plans as Senior consultant at the Plan Writers and has experience in Real Estate, Cannabis, Oil & gas and other industries, where he has enabled clients to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings.


Before starting his consultancy, he was Executive Manager of a BioPlastics company in Iowa City, IA.


He has an MBA in Finance and Accounting.

David Hatton team-text3

David Hatton

Vice President, Business Development

David Hatton is a self-confessed planning obsessive, firmly believing in the adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.


David started his career in business journalism, writing for publications like the Toronto Star, National Post and Business Edge, earning a reputation – even an award – for taking complex business issues and writing about them in easy-to-understand terms for readers. Following that, he spent almost a decade working for the second largest bank in Canada, talking to small business owners and reviewing business plans to see who would get the funds they needed and deserved.


To show he can actually handle a business as well as writing about it, he owns a successful cleaning company, but his main preoccupation nowadays is with immigration business plans.


He has a BA in journalism. He speaks English and French and is currently studying to learn Spanish.

Paul Aleo team-text4 team-text5

Paul Aleo

senior consultant

Paul is a trusted consultant with excellent communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


He started his professional career in 2007, as a Valuation Analyst at State Street, providing investment valuation services to prominent mutual fund, pension fund and hedge fund companies worldwide. His strong work ethic and diligence quickly earned him promotion to Senior Market Data Analyst. In this position, he was responsible for investment analytic services to institutional investment managers and for training and mentoring junior staff.


In 2011, he became a Financial Advisor, helping numerous clients achieve their financial goals through sound advice on investment management strategies, and helping entrepreneurs secure business loans to start and grow their ventures.


As a passionate and experienced Management Consultant, he enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed in a variety of sectors, including retail, manufacturing, construction, and technology. His Business Plans, based on sound and thorough analysis, have led clients to success in their startups and expansion, and enabled many to gain immigration visas to access to American markets and the American dream.


His extensive credentials include an MBA with a concentration in Management, Level1 pass in the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) status.

Sanya Novic team-text6

Sanya Novic

immigration visa consultant

Sanya is a world traveller and sun-seeker. She describes herself as “Writer, talker, high-heels walker”.


She holds a certificate in Positive Psychology, in addition to a PhD in Communications. She worked as a journalist for over a decade before switching to business plan writing, assisting people to get closer to their (American) dream.


She has mastered the art of traveling light (light luggage and ultra-light laptop), gaining deep and wide knowledge of people, cultures, and places – a hoarder when it comes to experiences, she is all Zen when it comes to products. Her goal is to keep living the life where business and pleasure are one and the same.


If you can’t find her, she’s somewhere chasing summer around the world.

Alex Durig team-text7

Alex Durig

senior consultant

Alex started writing business plans in the Summer of 2006, following an academic career that he found too restrictive, and a spell managing a Wal-mart distribution center.


He spent 9 years as a college professor of sociology, first at Indiana University and, then, Cal State San Marcos. For much of this time, he undertook research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, and published a paper explaining that autism could be graded from barely noticeable to severe – 20 years before the term ‘autism spectrum’ confirmed the idea! His work is now regularly cited in the field of ‘sociology of autism’ because it was his work that established the concept.


For one who felt constrained by the academic world, going into Wal-Mart’s notoriously tough management training program might not be an obvious choice, but Alex took the opportunity when it arose and found it an exciting learning experience, staying on in the company as Area Manager of a distribution center.


It was only later that he found his niche, using his individualistic and creative character to help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. In the world of academia, a creative individualist is called a crackpot, but in the world of business, that’s an entrepreneur – someone who has their own ideas and is not afraid of them. As a Business Plan Writer, Alex finds nothing more rewarding than helping his clients to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. He adds a dash of flair to the sometimes dry, numbers-based business plan to match the initiative of the entrepreneurs themselves.


He gained his PhD from Indiana University in 1992.

Neelisha Kelly team-text8

Neelisha Kelly

associate consultant

Popularly known as Nelly, Neelisha is originally from the UK and has worked in the fields of marketing and business writing for over 20 years. In marketing, she has worked in Financial Services, Engineering and Education.


As a Plan Writer, she enjoys the process of working with entrepreneurs, embracing their zeal, and funneling that energy to develop targeted and strategic plans. The result is a portfolio of over 400 (at the last count) tailor-made Business Plans and Pitch Decks, each with accurate forecasts, and insightful writing.


She has a BA (Hons) degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Manchester.


She has lived in Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, and Ireland and, when not researching for another business plan, thoroughly enjoys travel, volunteering, reading, sewing and watching bad reality TV shows.

Irina Krasko team-text9

Irina Krasko

graphic designer

Irina is a graphic designer with over 7 years of experience working in-house independently as a freelancer. She has worked with businesses from different industries creating for them promotional and print material such as well rounded illustration, advertising campaigns and digital products; which has given her strong extensive designing knowledge and technical skills. Her specialties include Business Plans, Presentations, brochure design, infographics and any high-end design work. She truly loves what she does and take pride in providing high quality work and making the clients happy.


Irina is a designer with a passion for creating solutions that are both beautiful and meaningful. Successful design to her means solving problems and she believes the key to it is to understand the client’s need.