• Gabriella N.

    Owner – LA Sweet Stop

    I haven’t considered myself to be an innate entrepreneur so this endeavor was my first time getting involved as a small business owner. The entire development phase of starting a business was very daunting. Like a brick wall without mortar, I had all really good ideas but didn’t have the “glue” to pull it all together into a cohesive business plan. When I reached out to a friend for assistance, they recommended that I look into getting help from The Plan Writers – this served as golden advice. The Plan Writers’ staff saved me an enormous amount of time, frustration, and money by efficiently pinpointing my resource limitations and compiling a well-written proposal. Originally, I planned on using my baking skills to open a retail store. Instead, I’m delivering my baked goods from a kitchen and I am getting really hands-on with social media to grow my business’s presence on the web. Since The Plan Writers helped me start my business the right way, I am already making a profit and growing. I personally know several people who are renting out a retail location and they are all having trouble. Because The Plan Writers helped me do things practically, I possess the ability to advance my business in the industry.

  • David D.

    Co-Founder – Regreen Corp

    After two years had passed since launching Regreen, our solar development company, we came to a point where we required some funding to continue growing the business. I had just taken on several big clients on conditional terms and the company was going to either be greatly helped or very hurt depending on what results I received from the Small Business Administration regarding my application. Hiring The Plan Writers to write a SBA business plan was a fantastic decision as they assisted us in rising above the struggles we faced as a developing business. The proposal ended up earning approval from the bank and left us to head towards greener pastures. I am honored to say that I now control headliner hotel chains and both my clients and I owe a big part of this success to The Plan Writers. I highly recommend them.

  • Michael Farah

    Co-Owner – Rejuvenate Medical Spa

    I am one of the partners at a comprehensive cosmetic medical center known as the Rejuvenate Medical Spa. After coming across the chance to purchase some extra space, we wanted to perform some research on the marketplace as well as a cost analysis to ensure that the business plan was practical. To pursue this, I contracted The Plan Writers to conduct the research for us and it ended up working very well for us. It has now been over a year since The Plan Writers helped out and we have successfully expanded into our new space and are continuing to make profits. Choosing The Plan Writers was a great decision that I’m glad I made.

  • David Dama

    Owner – Onyx TD

    I figured that the only route I could take in cultivating more business for my company was to establish more stock. I turned away a decent amount of potential revenue before I finally opted towards applying for funding. As part of the process, I was asked to compile a proposal – this is when I looked to The Plan Writers for help. Their efficient team helped me with the entire development process and not just the loan application. Their helpful team assisted me in establishing an intricate, creative marketing strategy as well as an effective, logistical business plan – something I had been hesitating on for some time. The Plan Writers actualized my top priorities and because of their assistance I am operating a more effective business. Needless to say, my loan was approved.

  • Gabriel A.

    Owner – Metropolis Ventures

    I operate a real estate development venture and we have some serious funding requirements in order to continue expanding the company. As I found myself working with investors and lenders very consistently, I realized that I should acquire a dependable, efficient businessperson to compile my business plans and proposals. Fortunately for myself, I opted to go with The Plan Writers for assistance and the decision continues to pay off today. My business proposals are very concise and well-developed and their assistance has afforded me more time to develop professional relationships with my lenders. In addition, I simply have more time to maintain my business effectively. I do not ever plan on writing my own business plans again and will be a loyal customer to The Plan Writers for the unforeseeable future.

  • Anatoly K.

    Founder – Treatee

    I am a finance guy by discipline, but I’m normally more interested about technology and start-up businesses rather than the corporate world. At one point, I finally had the tenacity to delve into the development process. I already knew from the beginning that I would definitely need funding to begin production. In turn, this meant that I needed to start compiling a well-written business plan. The incredibly helpful online staff at The Plan Writers co-acted in creating the perfect business proposal. It’s an innate characteristic that I must get really hands-on with things that I am directly affected by. Throughout the entire process, The Plan Writers treated me as an equal, professional point-of-view and listened to all I had to say. I am now very near the launch of my product prototype and I must thank The Plan Writers immensely for their help.

  • Michael S.

    Principal – Wilmington Investment Group

    For many generations, my family has maintained and operated numerous companies. I now operate an investment division for my family and I am aspiring to go on my own entrepreneurial journey. This big endeavor was certainly an aggressive and troublesome thing to take on myself. Eventually I crossed paths with The Plan Writers and they really helped make sense out of the development process and facilitated everything, including my thorough business plan. The Plan Writers accurately designated all the components of my specific financial case for the endeavor and put a business proposal in motion that I was able to effectively communicate. With assistance from The Plan Writers, I can honestly say I have added my own substantial stake in my family’s legacy.

  • Alex S. DDS

    Owner – Smile Finders

    For a long period of time, I was an individual professional and desired to expand my business. The key to growth is funding so I filed for a number of different bank loans to open new locations to practice dentistry and The Plan Writers assisted me in compiling an effective business plan. They had a great knowledge of the industry and compiled business plans that couldn’t fail. I now have nine practices and spend a decent amount of time developing my overall operations.

  • Reed Lombard

    Senior executive – pcRUSH.com

    For numerous years, I have collaborated with The Plan Writers with a consistent level of success. They actively compile all of our business proposals in order to establish funding for marketing strategies that are geared towards our suppliers. The Plan Writers have effectively assisted me in finding out how much funding to request from lenders by using reverse engineering for our financial statistics. Additionally, they were able to adequately articulate the way we would use the money. Every three months, I contract The Plan Writers to request additional funding. In turn, this makes expanding the company go smoothly. I continue to be amazed with their adaptability and thorough knowledge of so many industries. Their services are invaluable and a worthy investment.

  • Vu Thai

    Owner – Efficient Lighting

    My company has found its niche in the midst of an aggressive and competitive industry with sub-par margins. Although I was able to expand my business to a competent, reputable level of sales – I had to increase my margins. At this point, I already had intentions to appoint employees, amass additional equity, create new production lines, create more services, and provide financing for loyal customers. I had no desire to use personal funds and proceeded to pursue funding. Thankfully, I came across The Plan Writers and they compiled a business plan that highlighted everything I needed. I received my funding and now my expansion development has begun to increase my projected margins.

  • Gregory S.

    Owner – Presto Cleaners

    For some time, I have desired to implement some innovative ideas to my traditional dry cleaning company in Glendale. Conclusively, I was able to do exactly that. With my efforts, I was able to evolve my company so I could transport clothing to our local citizens and bring other cleaner’s products into my operation. To get to this point though, I had to secure a small amount of funding. I can honestly say I came across many obstacles from banks and lenders because of my company’s industry. By contracting The Plan Writers, I was able to develop a more solid business plan. They helped me find the unique and distinct qualities and aspects about Presto Cleaners and, with much effort, I have been able to thrive. I sincerely thank The Plan Writers for the effective work they do. Simply put, they helped make my dream a reality.