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Almost every business needs a great pitch before it’s funded. We’ll customize a highly visual deck of PowerPoint slides on your most important concepts. We offer a fully integrated solution from in-house designers, market analysts, financial modelers, and persuasive copywriters to deliver the most impactful slides we can muster. 

What Your

Pitch Deck Includes:
Visual Description of Your Business Model

Visual Description of Your Business Model

Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

Market Analysis

Market Analysis



Interactive Design

Interactive Design

15 Slides 5-6 Business Days

15 Slides in 5-6 Business Days

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"I'm the lead investor on a disruptive health and wellness device. Matt and his team prepared an outstanding business plan that resulted in a $4mm capital raise from numerous high-profile individuals. They are truly experts in their field, and I will continue to use them for my other ventures."

Skip Brittenham Founding partner, Ziffern Brittenham LLP

"My business exceeds my expectations and I sincerely appreciate the effort you and your team committed to working with me on this. I know I asked more of you than most. Thank you for working with me, challenging me and ultimately, delivering one hell of a plan."

Andrew Aamot CEO, Sträva
Daniel Dvorsky

"The Team at Plan Writers know cannabis. They developed my pro formas for my new stores, and with exacting detail. Matt, Paul and John looked into city taxes, market prices for flower and tax implications for a vertical company and it was simply impressive work. I use a number of reputable attorneys for my applications and they all love working with this Company. Responsive and always willing to meet challenging deadlines. My kind of guys."

Daniel Dvorsky CEO, Cookies LA

What are the types of pitch decks?

A pitch deck is a critical tool for any startup or business seeking to attract investment or customers. It is a presentation that outlines a company's value proposition, business model, target market, and growth potential. There are several types of pitch decks depending on the purpose and audience.
Startup pitch deck: This is a pitch deck created by early-stage startups to introduce themselves to potential investors or partners. It includes details about the problem they are solving, their solution, business model, market size, team, and financial projections.
Investor pitch deck: An investor pitch deck is created specifically to convince investors to fund a business. It provides a detailed analysis of the business opportunity, its target market, competition, revenue model, and financial projections.
Business pitch deck: This is a general pitch deck that companies use to present their products or services to potential customers or partners. It highlights the company's unique selling proposition, competitive advantage, and value proposition.
Venture capital pitch deck: A venture capital pitch deck is a specialized pitch deck created to convince venture capitalists to invest in a company. It typically focuses on the company's growth potential, market opportunity, competitive advantage, and financial projections.
Financial pitch deck: Financial pitch decks are created by financial institutions to present their products and services to potential clients. It includes details about financial models, investments, and returns.
Real estate pitch deck: Real estate pitch decks are created by real estate companies to present their properties to potential buyers or investors. It includes details about the property, location, and investment opportunity.
Consulting pitch deck: Consulting pitch decks are created by consulting firms to present their services to potential clients. It highlights the firm's expertise, services, and case studies.
Best SaaS pitch decks: These are pitch decks created by SaaS (Software as a Service) companies to attract investors and customers. It typically highlights the company's software solution, unique features, and revenue model.
Different pitch decks serve different purposes and audiences. The key is to tailor the pitch deck to the specific audience and highlight the most critical aspects of the business or product. The best pitch decks communicate a compelling story, demonstrate a deep understanding of the market and customer needs, and provide a clear path to success.

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