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As a group of like-minded MBA’s that got together to begin as LA startup advisors, we have unique experience in every tier of the startup process. Our knowledge and experience doesn’t just come from textbooks and lectures; our team is composed of business experts who have gathered knowledge growing businesses, investing and banking. We know what it’s like on the other side. And we want to be part of your success. We find the challenges in your business and develop a plan in the form of a practical story, outlining your path to success succinctly and in an exciting manner. Whether you’re seeking teaser business plans, SBA business plans, grants or pitch decks, our team of savvy business specialists are prepared to cultivate a unique plan for you.

The most gratifying part of our job is helping entrepreneurs succeed, because we’ve been there ourselves. There’s value in your business, and our goal is to present that to your target audience. Take some time to browse our site, see the various plans we write and services we offer, and schedule a consultation with one of our business experts. We look forward to contributing to your business and providing a pathway to your success.