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Business Plans

Are you sure about the business plan consultant you hired?


So, you are all set to create a business plan. Probably you are certain that you can’t write by your own and need a professional writer to do the needful. Stuck again? How to select the right one? And even if you have already hired any, how can you be sure that he is the [...]

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Tips to write a professional business plan


Guess what converts a good business idea into a great reality? A well-thought-out business plan does this – by not only attracting investors or securing financing in the early stages of business development, but also by being the ultimate roadmap for the goal-oriented future of the business. Your business plan is the ultimate foundation of [...]

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An introduction to business plan writing


Yes, it is tedious and time consuming. Yes, it needs a thorough research and study. Does it pay off? Also, yes. If you are reading this, chances are you are the most restive part of looking for the start-up funds, or looking for investors who can help you to expand the business. Since any business [...]

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Sample Business Plans for Your Perusal


The Plan Writers provides open access to different types of sample business plans that will give people an idea about the capability, commitment, and experience of their team of consultants. The Plan Writers are slowly gaining ground as a professional and successful business plan consulting service. The award-winning experts are known to build compelling business [...]

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Why Do You Need a Proper Business Plan?


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” - These words of Benjamin Franklin transcend their intended meaning and hold true in every venture of life. As an entrepreneur, if you balked at the concept of making a business plan, think twice. A good business plan not only serves as an important strategic [...]

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Goals in Business Plan


The quality of your business plan goals play a fundamental role in both raising funding and achieving business success. Setting clear and logical goals calls for a planned and professional approach. There is a lot that can go wrong with a business plan. While the worst business planning mistake that an entrepreneur can commit is [...]

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Can You Afford A Poorly Written Business Plan


When it comes to a business plan, the style of writing matters almost as much as what is written in the plan. Professional business plan consultants make for a confident and error-free business plan. A business plan is all about elucidating the new product or service and establishing what the entrepreneur wants to achieve. It [...]

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Of Immigration and Business Plans


American work visas call for business plans and Plan Writers are buoyed to make your US dream a reality. Getting a work entry into USA is like a business in itself. Or atleast, the visa application process would have you think so. This is because along with the visa application form, requisite proofs and documents, [...]

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Do I Need A Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor?


Like any startup, I was particularly feisty about raising funds for my business. I was positive that my spectacular initiative will bowl over venture capitalists and angel investors alike and they will fall over themselves to invest in the startup. And I was primed to accept the best offer per se. But when I was [...]

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Plan Writers Business Plan Process


At Plan Writers, the plan writing is never about ‘just leave it all to us’! In fact, the Plan Writers team has devised a foolproof process for writing winning business plans that never fails to deliver the right results. Let’s take a look into the same: Collaborate: The first step is getting to know the [...]

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