4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Include Exit Strategies

Pleasing an investor is never an easy task. To start, they need piles of research information, numerous helpful and accurate data displays, and pristinely executed data before they’ll even think about financing your business. Billionaire Warren Buffet, worth $58.5 billion today, explains that, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” Financial lenders must know that you did the legwork in reaching your final business plan, which also involves creating exit…


Pitching Your Business Idea to Investors

One of the most exasperating meetings a business owner will have in his professional career is when they have to pitch a business plan to potential lenders. Standing by yourself, in front of a team of suited-up, fast-paced professionals that could very well smash you with their wallet, can be a bit disheartening. Although, with an effectively pitch decks, you’ll be at a world of ease by increasing the chance that…


Why your business may need an up-to-date business plan

An average mistake for many entrepreneurs is to assume that a business plan’s only function is for pitching your idea to investors in the hopes of achieving a source of finances. Meaning, many aspiring entrepreneurs think in the mindset that, if you don’t need external sources of revenue, you don’t need a business plan. In fact, almost all businesses need to have an up-to-date business plan. For start-up businesses, it…


Developing a Mission Statement and Values

While having an efficient business plan is always important, all businesses should have a specific mission, or vision, that is created by its owner. A mission statement should be well-thought, carefully defined, and should always be sincere. A well-written, sincere mission statement is a quick way to summarize the drive that is behind your organization and what it represents. Additionally, developing a future vision of your company serves as a…

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Local and National Business Plan Writers

Creating a business plan for your small business is one of the most crucial steps when launching a start-up, so, as a small business owner, you might feel obligated to hire a business plan writer at some point. Although there are some advantages of working with vendors in person, most scenarios involve a higher cost for something that’s not needed. By hiring someone to write your business plan, you can provide…

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Paying for Your Business Plan Writing

An often repeated phrase that we’ve all heard before, at least several dozen times, is “you get what you pay for”. Although some of us may have heard this more than others, this saying is filled to the brim with truth and is applicable when developing your company’s business plan. Even so, for a small business with a small budget, it’s certainly enticing to go with a cheaper, low-end writing company. In…

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Is a Consultant or a Writer More Suited to Handling Your Business Plan?

For organizations that are on the move in creating or revising a current business strategy, there are several sources that can assist research and development of the business plan. By using their data sources and knowledge of the market, business owners can make progress with business writers and consultants towards creating an improved business plan. Deciding on whether to go with a writer or consultant should be thought of before…

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