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Eb-5 Visa Calls for Matter of Ho

The EB-5 visa business plan needs to be Matter of Ho compliant and skilled consultants alone can enable you to meet the requirements. Many foreigners wishing to purchase or start a business in the USA do so by the EB-5 visa route. This way they become eligible for the much coveted Green Card too. However, obtaining the immigration visa is easier said than done. There are a lot of legal…


Raising Money for Your Startup? You Must Follow the Law.

Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is one of the greatest expressions of the American dream. If you have accomplished this impressive feat, or are doing this now, I applaud you. You are quite literally helping to build the US economy. But you may also be experiencing the limitations of your own personal economy. Almost all startups need capital, and the entrepreneur often doesn’t have sufficient personal resources to…

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Do I Need A Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor?

Like any startup, I was particularly feisty about raising funds for my business. I was positive that my spectacular initiative will bowl over venture capitalists and angel investors alike and they will fall over themselves to invest in the startup. And I was primed to accept the best offer per se. But when I was discussing my objectives and strategies with the Plan Writers team – – the experts…

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Does Your Business Plan Speak To The Investor?

Professional business planning consultants are expert at recognizing the investors’ point of view and will provide all pertinent information in the business plan. A business needs investment and the investors need a business plan. Now this business plan is not simply about what you as an entrepreneur want to show the investors. The focus should always be on what the potential investors actually want to see in the business plan!…

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Plan Writers Business Plan Process

At Plan Writers, the plan writing is never about ‘just leave it all to us’! In fact, the Plan Writers team has devised a foolproof process for writing winning business plans that never fails to deliver the right results. Let’s take a look into the same: Collaborate: The first step is getting to know the client and his specific requirements. Therefore, the team invites the client to talk about what…


The Best Resource for SBA Loans

Uncle Sam is always ready to help us, even when we are looking to start a new business! Last year I was trying to launch a retail store and I knew that I could easily approach the Small Business Administration agency to secure the required capital. SBA loans are available to small businesses and startups at very favorable terms. The interest is quite low, downpayment is kept at a minimum…

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An Impressive Pitch Deck Sets the Way

I was planning to launch my own business and obviously needed to attract funding for the same. I dreamt of making an exciting and impressive presentation that would instantly bowl over the potential investors and have them falling over each other to sponsor my initiative. While many ideas brimmed in my mind, I was at a complete loss about where to start, let alone how to put the whole pitch…

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Business Plan – Not an End in Itself!

The Plan Writers churn out excellent business plans to meet varied business requirements. The entrepreneur has to know how to use the plan to set the ball of success rolling!   It is true that a business plan is essential for every new and existing      business. It has to be carefully crafted so as to provide a  comprehensive  statement of the vision, mission and goals of the  business….


L-1 Visa Business Plan: Why It Matters

The L-1 visa provides a path to prosperity and growth in the United States for international companies. Tech startups from Germany, pharmaceutical companies from India, and accounting firms from Japan have all turned to the L-1 visa program as a means of establishing their brand in America. But securing an L-1 visa can be a lengthy process – one that requires several supporting documents. Perhaps the most important supporting documents…

Catering Business Plan

Catering Business Plan: What You Need To Know

Tasty tapas, enticing entrées, and delectable desserts – if the sounds of these dishes whet your career appetite, then employment in catering might be right for you. If, in addition to being a virtuoso in the kitchen, you’re an expert event organizer, then perhaps you can do more than just work for a catering company. That skillset is just what a catering business entrepreneur needs to be successful. Launching your…

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