who writes a business plan

Top Reasons Why You Must Hire a Plan Writer

The most critical stage of any business is its initial phase. All the hurdles, financial crunches and the uncertainties are when you are right at the starting up. It is right when you need the call of creating an effective business plan to begin your business with. But can you do it by your own? A business plan is the roadmap of any brand that is used to notch up…

sba business plan

Why you should not ignore executive summary?

One of the most crucial sections of a business plan is its executive summary. A well-written summary piques the interest of the investors or bankers, ensuring they go through the entire proposal. Let’s look at how the executive summary is crucial in getting funding. One of the most essential sections of the SBA business plan, the executive summary familiarizes the readers with the key points of the proposal. Most investors…

hemp CBD business plan

Business Plan Paves The Way For Hemp Businesses

The hemp industry is in a stage of transition. This legal entry into the marketplace marks a burgeoning opportunity all around. Yet, hurdles still blot the landscape that can be cleared with a business plan. Alas, hemp has been clubbed with its more exotic cousin, marijuana for decades. While the latter can get you stoned, hemp is a simpler variety of the cannabis plant that has significantly lowers traces of…

Foothold In Cannabis Cultivation Via A Business Plan

The most intrepid of entrepreneurs who are venturing out into cannabis production also require the services of professional business plan consultants to design a blueprint of their operations. Commercial cultivation of cannabis is a highly attractive prospect for many a budding entrepreneur who want to cash in on the lucrative potential. But the business is capital intensive and one of your primary concerns will be how to raise substantial investment….

Fixing Errors In Business Plan

You cannot take a chance with getting the business plan right. Any kind of mistake (even after checks) can prove costly as it will paint the wrong impression that is quite difficult to rectify later. A business plan is crucial for any type of business. There are two options when it comes to creating a business plan – you can either do it by yourself or leave the cumbersome job…

Business Plan – Different Strokes For Different Folks!

A business plan means different things for different people. You can use the same business plan or go a step ahead and customize it to suit the target audience. This becomes a win-win all around! A business plan is vital for raising funds for a business – be it a startup, a new venture or an existing enterprise. The banks, lenders and other investors will rake through the plan with…

The Number Game In Business Plans

You cannot afford to go wrong with the figures in the financial segment of your business plan. If the numbers are wrong or contradictory in any manner, it can render the entire plan incoherent. A business plan is packed with information. It highlights the product or service of the enterprise, the mission and objectives of the business, the customer demographics, market structure and competitor profiles, marketing and sales strategies, the…

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