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Goals in Business Plan


The quality of your business plan goals play a fundamental role in both raising funding and achieving business success. Setting clear and logical goals calls for a planned and professional approach. There is a lot that can go wrong with a business plan. While the worst business planning mistake that an entrepreneur can commit is [...]

Goals in Business Plan2018-05-04T08:02:57+00:00

Can You Afford A Poorly Written Business Plan


When it comes to a business plan, the style of writing matters almost as much as what is written in the plan. Professional business plan consultants make for a confident and error-free business plan. A business plan is all about elucidating the new product or service and establishing what the entrepreneur wants to achieve. It [...]

Can You Afford A Poorly Written Business Plan2018-04-26T13:30:03+00:00

The Right Business Plan Service Makes a Difference


A winning idea needs to be backed up by a compelling business plan. A comprehensive and well-written business plan is what will raise the investment capital and this calls for the right consultant. I had come up with a brilliant business concept and was in the midst of launching my startup. The preparations were chaotic [...]

The Right Business Plan Service Makes a Difference2018-03-09T18:15:22+00:00

Business Plan – Keeping It Simple!


A business plan may seem sharp and impressive with buzzwords and jargon. But it can be quite confusing and off-putting for a layperson. Therefore, simple and clear language is always more effective. There are many tips and strategies out there for entrepreneurs on how to write a business plan. They are guided on the importance [...]

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Business Plan – Structuring is Crucial


A business plan is not just about covering all the details but also arranging and presenting the information in an organized manner. This will make the plan clear and convincing for the audience. Some time back I had an excellent idea on hand and was looking for funds to launch the same. I had outlined [...]

Business Plan – Structuring is Crucial2017-11-06T10:15:52+00:00

Of Immigration and Business Plans


American work visas call for business plans and Plan Writers are buoyed to make your US dream a reality. Getting a work entry into USA is like a business in itself. Or atleast, the visa application process would have you think so. This is because along with the visa application form, requisite proofs and documents, [...]

Of Immigration and Business Plans2017-09-21T08:17:03+00:00

Eb-5 Visa Calls for Matter of Ho


The EB-5 visa business plan needs to be Matter of Ho compliant and skilled consultants alone can enable you to meet the requirements. Many foreigners wishing to purchase or start a business in the USA do so by the EB-5 visa route. This way they become eligible for the much coveted Green Card too. However, [...]

Eb-5 Visa Calls for Matter of Ho2017-08-23T07:04:51+00:00

Raising Money for Your Startup? You Must Follow the Law.


Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is one of the greatest expressions of the American dream. If you have accomplished this impressive feat, or are doing this now, I applaud you. You are quite literally helping to build the US economy. But you may also be experiencing the limitations of your own personal economy. [...]

Raising Money for Your Startup? You Must Follow the Law.2017-07-12T07:03:24+00:00

Do I Need A Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor?


Like any startup, I was particularly feisty about raising funds for my business. I was positive that my spectacular initiative will bowl over venture capitalists and angel investors alike and they will fall over themselves to invest in the startup. And I was primed to accept the best offer per se. But when I was [...]

Do I Need A Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor?2017-06-07T09:34:17+00:00

Does Your Business Plan Speak To The Investor?


Professional business planning consultants are expert at recognizing the investors’ point of view and will provide all pertinent information in the business plan. A business needs investment and the investors need a business plan. Now this business plan is not simply about what you as an entrepreneur want to show the investors. The focus should [...]

Does Your Business Plan Speak To The Investor?2017-04-28T11:05:55+00:00