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Fixing Errors In Business Plan


You cannot take a chance with getting the business plan right. Any kind of mistake (even after checks) can prove costly as it will paint the wrong impression that is quite difficult to rectify later. A business plan is crucial for any type of business. There are two options when it comes to creating a [...]

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Business Plan – Different Strokes For Different Folks!


A business plan means different things for different people. You can use the same business plan or go a step ahead and customize it to suit the target audience. This becomes a win-win all around! A business plan is vital for raising funds for a business – be it a startup, a new venture or [...]

Business Plan – Different Strokes For Different Folks!2019-01-17T23:16:20+00:00

The Number Game In Business Plans


You cannot afford to go wrong with the figures in the financial segment of your business plan. If the numbers are wrong or contradictory in any manner, it can render the entire plan incoherent. A business plan is packed with information. It highlights the product or service of the enterprise, the mission and objectives of [...]

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Never Over–Hype A Business Idea


It is easy to go overboard with the idea when writing a business plan on your own. But, investors tend to ignore the overrated claims and are more interested in the practical business components of the plan. You have an amazing business idea on your hands and are enthused by the possibilities racing in your [...]

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All Types of Winning Plans At Plan Writers


The Plan Writers have gathered renown for the superlative quality, cohesiveness and comprehensiveness of their business plans. They are customized and can be designed to suit various purposes. The Plan Writers provide unique and comprehensive business plans in tune with the individual client requirements. Be it an investor business plan, SBA business plan or immigration [...]

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An introduction to business plan writing


Yes, it is tedious and time consuming. Yes, it needs a thorough research and study. Does it pay off? Also, yes. If you are reading this, chances are you are the most restive part of looking for the start-up funds, or looking for investors who can help you to expand the business. Since any business [...]

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Sample Business Plans for Your Perusal


The Plan Writers provides open access to different types of sample business plans that will give people an idea about the capability, commitment, and experience of their team of consultants. The Plan Writers are slowly gaining ground as a professional and successful business plan consulting service. The award-winning experts are known to build compelling business [...]

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Why Do You Need a Proper Business Plan?


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” - These words of Benjamin Franklin transcend their intended meaning and hold true in every venture of life. As an entrepreneur, if you balked at the concept of making a business plan, think twice. A good business plan not only serves as an important strategic [...]

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Goals in Business Plan


The quality of your business plan goals play a fundamental role in both raising funding and achieving business success. Setting clear and logical goals calls for a planned and professional approach. There is a lot that can go wrong with a business plan. While the worst business planning mistake that an entrepreneur can commit is [...]

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Can You Afford A Poorly Written Business Plan


When it comes to a business plan, the style of writing matters almost as much as what is written in the plan. Professional business plan consultants make for a confident and error-free business plan. A business plan is all about elucidating the new product or service and establishing what the entrepreneur wants to achieve. It [...]

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