The cannabis industry is booming in the US with more than half of the states legalizing some form of marijuana. While people are taking interest in growing operations in several ways, here’s a guide to start your own dispensary. Keep it handy to make the operation a successful venture.

The first thing that is needed for a growing operation plan is motivation, time, and resources, and of course a government issues license to grow cannabis in your state. And once the business is initiated, you need a commercial cultivation business plan. These are the basic requirements – additionally, do make sure to go through and understand your state’s website first. For rest, read on.


  1. Legal advice is important

Start by consulting a lawyer who would help you navigate the laws associated with opening a cannabis business. It is important to know the difference between federal and state laws. Do keep in mind that marijuana remains federally illegal, and hence it is necessary to clarify the legal matters.

  1. Build a development team that must include:
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Horticulturists
  • Administrators
  • Security Managers
  • Managers with operational, zoning, and financial experience in medical marijuana.
  1. Finance establishment

Another tiebreaking factor in your application is setting the finances right. The health department and state government would want enough capital for your business so that it can sustain itself through its first few years, and it might not be as easy as it sounds.

  1. Writing the cultivation plan right

Next step is to write a commercial cultivation business plan. Start with creating a mission statement, which needs adequate research. Some states in US concentrate on the health and safety of medical marijuana patients, while others focus on the purity and protection of the product.

The growing operation plan must address these processes along with detailed explanation each stage of the respective business’ plant production and supply chain process:

  • Breeding
  • Cloning
  • Vegetation
  • Flowering
  • Harvesting and dying
  • Trimming
  • Curing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  1. Running the growing operation

You are almost there to obtain your license, and these are the following few things to consider while you start planning how to run your commercial cultivation project:

  • Determine whether you are growing your space indoors or outdoors.
  • Enquire about the costs of your grow op location which may vary as per location.
  • In case of indoor grow space, keep in mind to create a blueprint to determine how many plants might fit in to your space.
  • Prepare the space by removing unnecessary elements, and making sure of electricity and plumbing.
  • Check for all light and water systems by hanging light fixtures, running wiring, and plugging in and testing everything.
  • Arrange the pots by arranging them in your space and do make sure to cross check he number of seeds, pots, and plants you have.
  • Start planning.

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