About Us


Who We Are

The Plan Writers is a team of MBA’s that love start-ups. Founded by graduates of the University of Southern California, we began simply as LA start-up advisors and grew into a revolutionary online service.

Our Story

Our story is simple. The business landscape has evolved tremendously in the last 10 years and we didn't want to sit idly by. With so many new businesses failing in their first few years, we wanted to aid young companies adopt feasible business plan solutions that can weather a changing economy. By infusing traditional concepts with new age market trends, the Plan Writers design business plans that will grow your business and make it last.


If you want to work with former entrepreneurs and investors that have mastered the art of business storytelling, then partner with us. Our business plan consultants are ready to dissect any idea and demonstrate the value of your business to your target audience. We want to help you grow your business, contact us for a free quote and see why our top business consultants can make a difference.