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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Business Plan – Different Strokes For Different Folks!


A business plan means different things for different people. You can use the same business plan or go a step ahead and customize it to suit the target audience. This becomes a win-win all around! A business plan is vital for raising funds for a business – be it a startup, a new venture or [...]

Business Plan – Different Strokes For Different Folks!2019-01-17T23:16:20+00:00

The Number Game In Business Plans


You cannot afford to go wrong with the figures in the financial segment of your business plan. If the numbers are wrong or contradictory in any manner, it can render the entire plan incoherent. A business plan is packed with information. It highlights the product or service of the enterprise, the mission and objectives of [...]

The Number Game In Business Plans2019-01-03T11:43:50+00:00