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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Business Plan – Not an End in Itself!


The Plan Writers churn out excellent business plans to meet varied business requirements. The entrepreneur has to know how to use the plan to set the ball of success rolling!   It is true that a business plan is essential for every new and existing      business. It has to be carefully crafted so [...]

Business Plan – Not an End in Itself!2016-05-26T11:26:09+00:00

L-1 Visa Business Plan: Why It Matters


The L-1 visa provides a path to prosperity and growth in the United States for international companies. Tech startups from Germany, pharmaceutical companies from India, and accounting firms from Japan have all turned to the L-1 visa program as a means of establishing their brand in America. But securing an L-1 visa can be a [...]

L-1 Visa Business Plan: Why It Matters2016-05-18T11:49:10+00:00