Catering Business Plan

Catering Business Plan: What You Need To Know

Tasty tapas, enticing entrées, and delectable desserts – if the sounds of these dishes whet your career appetite, then employment in catering might be right for you. If, in addition to being a virtuoso in the kitchen, you’re an expert event organizer, then perhaps you can do more than just work for a catering company. That skillset is just what a catering business entrepreneur needs to be successful. Launching your…

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Business Plans for Nonprofit Organizations: What to Consider

Having a business plan is just as important (if not more important) for nonprofit organizations as it is for profit-generating companies. Like their corporate counterparts, nonprofit organizations need a business plan as a means of formalizing their strategy and carving out a roadmap. Nonprofits, however, have their own unique set of requirements and concerns to take into account. Are you planning to launch a nonprofit organization? If so, here are…

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Top 10 Business Ideas for 2015

Are you ready to venture out and become your own boss this year? Starting your own business can easily become overwhelming, particularly if you are unsure if your business will succeed in this modern world. Here is a list we compiled that we consider the hottest business ideas for 2015. 1. Kid Friendly Apps! No surprise here, applications for androids, apple, and windows is still an excellent opportunity. Parents are…

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Launching a Bakery: Half a Dozen Tips for Your Bakery Business Plan

If baking is your passion and entrepreneurship is your calling, then opening your very own bakery is something you’ve probably considered. Launching a bakery can provide you with a healthy return on investment, a steady salary, job satisfaction, and a sense of achievement. Reaching that point, though, requires plenty of research and preparation as well as a carefully crafted strategy. If you’re ready to sink your hands into the dough…

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How to Get a Business Grant

Landing a business grant is not an easy process. Particularly with government grants, there is a lot of red tape involved with the application and awards process and you’ll likely need plenty of patience as such proceedings tend to take a lot of time to finalize. However, applying for a grant is worth a shot, especially if you’re in a line of business that provides some sort of societal good….