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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Business Plans for Health Care Businesses


If you’re passionate about helping others and are driven by the idea of owning your own business, then the thought of launching a business in the health care field may have crossed your mind already. Opening a retirement home, a health clinic, a hospital, or a palliative care center can be extremely rewarding and, with [...]

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Business Plans for Growth – Tips & Advice


Your business has successfully navigated the first few years of its existence and is beginning to turn a profit. The most hectic days of getting your first sale, launching a successful marketing campaign, and steadying your inventory levels are in the rear-view mirror at this point, but you’re aching for the next big challenge: growth [...]

Business Plans for Growth – Tips & Advice2014-01-20T12:11:37+00:00

Web Development on a Budget


If you’re launching your business with a loan from the bank or using a bootstrapped approach, chances are that you’ll be looking for ways to keep your web development budget relatively lean without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality. But is it possible to build an appealing website without spending a fortune? The answer is yes. Once [...]

Web Development on a Budget2014-01-17T18:45:26+00:00

Business Plans for IT Businesses


Whether it’s in the market of developing software or providing cloud services, launching an IT business requires a business plan. Due to the rapid evolution of the IT industry, experts advise that an intricate business plan is even more of a necessity for an IT company than an average business. Conditions such as government regulations, [...]

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Upcoming Business Trends of 2014


We now turn to focus our attention on 2014 and the trends we foresee becoming prominent among start-up businesses. These trends have gained momentum over the past year and we expect them to continue to continue in their popularity. New Start-Ups Forming in the Sharing Economy There’s a good chance that the sharing economy will [...]

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